Testimonial from Miller Porterfield

November 1, 2012

Dear Guy and Courtney,

Words cannot express the appreciation for the excellent job Riverstone performed building our home in Bear Lake. As you know, this is the sixth house we have built and we have been blessed with six great experiences, but this one was the best. Two of the homes we subcontracted ourselves, in West Virginia and the rocky terrain of Connecticut, so we were very  aware of the unknowns of building in the mountains.

We had planned to build a log home when we purchased the land at Bear Lake, but, after much study, determined that the negatives of building such a house outweighed the positives. Your ideas to use poplar bark siding, old barn siding, and old beams on the front of the house gave us the rustic look we desired. They meshed nicely with the metal roof we wanted. Your ideas for carrying out this theme inside the house also fit nicely with the look we wanted. Being an engineer, l was very impressed with the features you utilized in the hidden part of the home, such as the weather proofing and the insulation, where many contractors can cut costs and the owner is never aware.

Your communications were excellent throughout the process and we were aware of the amount of extra money we were spending for features such as the rustic front, the metal roof, the ramp to the side door, the handicapped facilities in one bedroom and many other small items we wanted to personalize our home.

We feel that to obtain the individualized two level totally finished house with two very spacious decks, two fireplaces, two boulder walls (one very big one), a detached oversized two car garage, the driveway, and the landscaping for under $200 per square foot was a very fair price especially when you consider all the extras such as the hardwood floors, the granite counter tops, top of the line plumbing fixtures, etc. in short, you delivered the total package and there were no unfurnished items when the project ended.

We felt at the beginning of this project that it would probably be our last home to build, but it was such a pleasant experience that we may decide to build another one some day. If we do, we would love to have you and your highly skilled craftsmen build it for us. You are great builders, but your honesty and integrity are your biggest assets.

Thanks for everything,
Miller Porterfield

Testimonial from Jane Koenig

October, 2011

Riverstone Development Group officially completed the construction of my new home at Bear Lake Reserve on September 1, 2011, almost exactly 9 months after they first broke ground, and I am thrilled.

There were two practical reasons I chose Riverstone as my builder: They could build a home within my budget and they could do it quickly. There was also a more abstract reason I selected Riverstone. After speaking at length with Guy Burtt and Courtney Macke, the principals of the firm, it just felt "right." Building a home is a partnership relationship. l trusted Guy and Courtney. They listened to what l said as I tried to articulate my wants and needs and they made this part of the overall plan. Before we began and throughout the process I felt they were dealing with me honestly and running the project with integrity.

Upon completion, I told Guy and Courtney that mine was the most beautiful house in the most beautiful place in the world and I continue to feel that way. On an ongoing basis, Riverstone is always there for me. If l have any problems with the house or even any projects I can't handle on my own, they will be there to fix things or help me out.

The only caveat I have for first-time home builders is to be prepared to go over on some of your allowance items. In?ation and our own good tastes always seem to make for conflict with budgets when it comes to choosing the style items in the house. Also, there are a lg of decisions to make, so be prepared to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Guy and Courtney help by showing you options from which to make choices.

I really have nothing but praise for Riverstone — you won't regret the choice.

Jane Koenig


Testimonial from Eric Rodwell

Dear Guy and Court,

Thanks so much for the wonderful home! We are not only very happy with the final product but the entire process. It was very professional in every way. Our home came in on budget, on time, and exactly as we requested; exceeding our expectations.

They saved us some money by making their own corbels, shutters and interior/exterior truss and beam details. We were consulted about every decision and we had good back-and-forth exchange of ideas to produce a perfect home. Eric is especially thrilled with his sound proof music room as requested with plenty of power.

We received helpful suggestions about modifying the homes layout which have proved quite useful Donna had some of her own ideas about doors, fighting, etc. that have meshed well" with the homes design.

We are aha happy with the help we received, when requested after the homes completion. We b0th would highly recommend Riverstone to anyone contemplating building a home!

Thanks, Guy, Court, and Riverstone

Eric & Donna Rodwell


Testimonial from Eddie Rodriguez

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Riverstone Development Group.

My wife and I contracted with Riverstone Development Group to build our custom vacation home in Waynesville, North Carolina. We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and high integrity shown while building our home. Their highly skilled knowledge and experience in building a quality custom home was displayed throughout the entire project. They were able meet our timeline and stay within the estimated budget that was quoted to us. Riverstone Development and their many associates at Riverstone made this experience exceptionally enjoyable and “stress free” from beginning to end.

I would highly recommend Riverstone Development Group to anyone wishing to build their dream home.


Eddie J. Rodriguez

Testimonial from Smokey Mountain High School

The Smokey Mountain High School Varsity Cheerleaders want to thank you so much for your business purchasing an ad in our Fall Sports Program. The funds raised were used to purchase new uniforms and a new breakthrough. It is great to have people like you in the community that supports Smokey Mountain High School and Athletics. We really appreciate you! We will be calling on you for the 2009 Program.

Again many thanks!

SMH Varsity Cheerleaders

Go Stangs!

Testimonial from Roger Kennedy Jr

September 27, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Guy W. Burtt for six (6) years. He worked for my company for approximately 2 1/2 years. During that time, Guy demonstrated a strong ability to manage complex construction projects with skill and integrity.

I highly recommend Guy as a man of good character and ability.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Roger Kennedy Jr


Testimonial from Robert Jones

November 1, 2008

To Whom That May Have An Interest:

When two flat landers decided to build a dream home in the mountains, it was quickly recognized we would need professional help. In interviews with prospective contractors locating a group that provided a start to finish expertise was of the utmost importance.

We found the principles of Riverstone Development Group offering such aid. The home site built into the side of a mountain had its own challenges; along with the selection of best suited building materials. As the house progressed their insight and connections with cabinets designers, appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures, floor coverings and audio/visual equipment, at competitive pricing was invaluable.

The in house designer directed us in the right direction when selecting these all important designs and fixtures. Our assigned builders foreman worked with us throughout the process with constant communication updating the construction, identifying issues and suggesting solutions even though we lived 10 hours away.

We would recommend anyone looking to build their dream home to interview with Riverstone Development Group, a professional company with knowledgeable, dedicated

Please feel free to contact us for further references at niceboat@gol.com


Robert Jones

Testimonial from Richard Marti

April 21. 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Walpert Properties would like to take this opportunity to commend PQS Development & Construction. Inc., a Riverstone Development Group company, on a successful renovation of The Hitching Post Plaza in Naples, Florida.

The task of renovating the exterior facade of a shopping center while tenants remain open for business is a daunting one. The project ran smoothly and professionally thanks to the efforts of PQS Development & Construction, Inc.

We would be happy to recommend PQS Development & Construction, Inc. to any organization for their construction needs.


Richard Marti
Construction Manager

Testimonial from Richard Fulton


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is reference to my professional and personal relationship with Guy W. Burtt. Guy has been a client of SunTrust Banks, Inc. since 1990. Guy has managed financial accounts with SunTrust Banks, Inc. in a positive and professional manner. Guy continues to conduct his business with a professionalism and integrity.

l would recommend Guy in any capacity based on my personal and professional association with him.

Please contact me with any questions or another reference needed.


Richard W Fulton

Testimonial from Courtney Macke

October 30, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I am honored to provide this unconditional letter of reference and personal recommendation for Guy Burtt.

I have known Guy both personally and professionally for the past fourteen years. During this time Guy has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and Guy has been a leader in the construction industry in all skill levels and in every position or company he has served. Guy demonstrates a high degree of financial understanding, personal ethics, and construction skill.

It is without reservation that I recommend Guy Burtt for any capacity in the construction industry as he is unconditionally qualified.

Please contact me if you have any questions or desire additional information.

Courtney E. Macke
PQS Construction, Inc.

Testimonial from Bryan Roe

June 26. 2006

Dear Courtney:

Wyndemere Country Club would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done on our recent renovation.

Your diligence,  attention to detail and faithful follow-up made our renovation a very smooth transition with a fantastic end-result. Our membership is delighted with the quality work that you produced and we highly recommend you to any other business looking to renovate or build.

Thanks again for your valued assistance.


Bryan Roe. CCM

Testimonial from Bruce Lockhart

To Future Riverstone Customers,

Riverstone Development Group completed a vacation home for us in Bear Lake Reserve this past spring and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering building in Western North Carolina.

Guy Burtt and Courtney Macke did a great job guiding us through every step of the process including site concerns, approvals with the community according to covenants, suggestions on plan alterations to maximize the home, and coordination with all of their subcontractors to exceed our expectations. Their accessibility during non-standard business hours to answer phone calls and respond to emails was especially appreciated as we were building remotely. Their professional management approach kept the project on track and pushed for a timely completion.

Additionally, they have been equally responsive to requests after the official close of the project to ensure our total satisfaction including move in assistance and interior and exterior maintenance plans.

We met to discuss our project with several other builders prior to choosing Riverstone and are extremely pleased with the positive outcome of our decision to go with Guy and Courtney. The quality of work and service that Riverstone provided to us has been exceptional.


Bruce Lockhart

Testimonial from Brent Miller

June 19, 2007

Greetings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina!

Generations Land Companies is pleased to announce a new limited marketing partnership recently created with Riverstone Custom Builders, establishing the firm as a Preferred Builder in The Cove at Flat Gap. Enclosed you will find a Riverstone Development Group brochure outlining the scope of their professional endeavors and impeccable services provided by their team members.

Jackson County, North Carolina (location of The Cove) recently imposed a moratorium on all new construction. Fortunately, The Cove at Flat Gap began its development process just early enough for every lot owner to be excluded. In conjunction with the explosive growth Western Carolina University has experienced in recent years, this is good news for those who own land without impediment and wish to begin a building project.

As housing demand continues to increase while new construction supply could remain limited for a while, we encourage you to give Riverstone a call for detailed information for the possibility of beginning a construction project of your own; whether it be for use as a personal residence, future executive rental, or simply for a spec house to list for sale immediately.

We will continue to do our best in keeping you updated on community development progress and any other new affiliations as we strive to augment your ownership options and investment potentials.

Brent Miller
Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Testimonial from Benjamin Small

January 8, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Guy W. Burtt both personally and professionally for over 4 years. During this time Mr. Burtt has held project management, area construction management, and division construction management roles for projects in excess of 100 million. He has executed his responsibility with civility and professionalism unmatched in the industry.

I am recommending Guy W. Burtt without reservation. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Benjamin F. Small

Testimonial from Andy Southards

September 22, 2005

I have had the opportunity to work with and establish a solid friendship with Guy Burtt over the past year. Guy is a very upstanding individual with a constant concern for the well being of all of those around him. He is also very knowledgeable about the construction industry due to gaining experience in almost every facet of the business during his career. Guy also holds his family as a very important part of his life and does all he can to support and help his wife and two children. I strongly believe Guy would be an incredible asset and representative to North Carolina as a licensed General Contractor. If you have any additional questions about Guy, I will be glad to assist you in anyway possible.

Andy Southards

Land Development Field Manager

Testimonial from Alan C. VanDevender

October 3, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

We are pleased to recommend Courtney E. Macke and Guy W. Burtt, now with Riverstone Development Group, Inc., as highly qualified and experienced General Contractors and Construction Managers.

Both Courtney and Guy had worked with a large construction company in the Orlando, Florida area for several years and were involved in the construction of many of our residential projects. These projects ranged from two and three story garden apartment communities to high-rise condominium projects. They worked with our clients and our firm as a team, always wanting to provide the best possible product.

We wish them well in their endeavors and hope we have an opportunity to work
with them in the near future.



Alan C. VanDevender

Testimonial from Dean Slusser

February 19, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

I have known Guy Burtt of Riverstone Development Group for several years from his time at Bear Lake Reserve to Mountaintop and now with Riverstone.

I have had the opportunity to appraise many of the homes his company has built and find them to be of very good quality and craftsmanship.

I would highly recommend him and Riverstone to anyone contemplating building a home in the future.


Dean A. Slusser

Certified NC Residential Appraiser